Day to day functions

Frail Care section

During the day we have a Nursing Sister or Staff Nurse on duty in charge of the nurses. The Manageress is also a qualified Nursing Sister and works office hours from Monday to Friday. On night duty we have a Nursing Assistant in charge of the shift with a Nursing Sister on call.

There is a large general hall where residents can sit and chat, watch TV programs and DVD’s, attend shows by local entertainers and attend church services or just to relax and chat.

There is a section where people with Dementia or other ailments that make it difficult for them to move around, can sit in a group and be part of the community even if they do not communicate well any more. There is always a nurse on duty in this section and the area is also monitored by cameras from the Nursing station.

Weather permitting, this group is also taken outside where there is a massive tree with enough shadow and sun for those who still want to enjoy the offerings of mother nature. A group of nurses is always present on these occasions.


Outings are planned by the house committee. These outings are based on actual costs and in planning the members always endeavour to get reasonable prices from venues. Our quantum bus can take 13 passengers.

With the wine lands and beautiful mountain ranges in very close proximity it is not hard to find a place that can be enjoyed by all.

Shopping trips

On Wednesdays there are shopping trips for residents who do not have own transport or anyone who prefers to go in the bus. We visit alternative shopping Centres in the vicinity so that residents have chance of getting to a bigger variety of businesses.


Residents of the houses have access to the main building to have their meals, have blood sugar and blood pressure tested, visit the Nursing Centre for advice regarding health etc., and to partake in the leisure and other offerings in the general hall.


The gardens are taken care of by the gardeners but there is also room for those who still want to scratch around in their own garden.

Daily life

At Eden Park we keep a good balance between caring for those who need care and residents who can still live independently. We want our residents to feel that this is their home and not an institution where they are hidden away from the normal life but a place for them to live and enjoy life and still be a part of a community.